2017 Gulf South Summit on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement through Higher Education

UNCG photo by Rebekah Kates - 3/17/2011 - The Forney building in spring.

Greensboro, NC March 22- 24, 2017:

 Partner Up!

 Fostering Just and Inclusive Communities Together

Students, community partners, faculty members, administrators: Calling all practitioners!

Come to Greensboro for the 15th annual Gulf South Summit!  Keynote and breakout sessions will focus on how our community/university partnerships foster equity and inclusion by leveraging the intersectionality of our identities. We will explore the complexity of embracing all voices in building community across diverse contexts, dialogue and deliberation as democratic practices, restorative justice initiatives, innovation through social entrepreneurship, best practices in student leadership for civic engagement, and the latest in community-engaged scholarship.  Join us!