Executive Committee Membership Recruitment Session


Executive Committee Membership Recruitment Session

Moderators:  Cathy Hamilton (click to contact)
Your institution can be part of the leadership of the Gulf-South Summit! This session will provide information on institutional sponsorship, expectations, and activities.

The mission of the Gulf-South Summit on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement through Higher Education is to promote networking among practitioners, research, ethical practices, reciprocal campus-community partnerships, sustainable programs, and a culture of engagement and public awareness through service-learning and other forms of civic engagement.

Membership in the Gulf-South Summit Executive Committee will consist of representatives from among the following 12 states: Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Members may represent individual institutions or professional organizations such as Campus Compact. Ideally, the committee will total a minimum of 12 members. Members will serve an initial 3-year term, with an option for an additional term if hosting the conference or changing committee. Members must serve on the Executive Committee for one term before hosting the Summit.

Roles and Responsibilities of Members
  • Attend meetings at least twice a year (one during the Summit and one during the summer planning meeting of the host institution)
  • Commit institutional resources of at least $1000 to sponsor the Summit on an annual basis (sponsorship is received annually on July 15)
  • Build relationships with national organizations as well as local and regional institutions
  • Promote the Summit and its goals
  • Actively participate in the Summit planning committee, chairing or co-chairing a sub-committee, and submitting committee reports to the chair.
Standing Committees

Host and Local Arrangements, Fundraising, Speakers and Workshops, Awards, Scholarships, Program and Request for Proposals, Round Tables, Exhibits, Finance, Evaluation, Membership, and History

Application for Membership:

Prospective members should submit to the current committee chair a one-page summary of qualifications for membership and a letter of support and commitment from an institutional representative with authority to commit funds for minimum sponsorship of $1000 and travel expenses to required meetings for each year of the three-year term of office. For more information, contact Cathy Hamilton, Membership Committee Chair, at chhamilt@uncg.edu

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